Monday, November 28, 2016

Salesforce in action !!!

As it is related directly to sales and growing business all over the world and companies now-a-days are relying heavily on this technology and this blooming technology is very easy to learn don’t wait let`s get started and become a part of this technology, before going any further let`s talk about what this is….

Salesforce acts as software as a service which provide different business
To grow with wide functionality of functionality which salesforce provide  like LIGHTNING , this feature of salesforce business to close sales faster and take business to new heights in market we will talk about this later………

Lets start from the very basics ,dig deep now into salesforce ..
  • Make your own salesforce account by going to and the best part is that it is free so gear up lets do some cool stuff

  • No that you have your salesforce account which is just like the one which companies provide you can call it your practice register.

Congratulation !!!  you now have your own salesforce account.. remember
Anyone can code….

Now as you can see there is no software required the whole base of salesforce is CRM (customer relationship management),so it’s a crm system,the market for salesforce is AppExchange:-          

Here you can see all the apps related to sales,customer service,marketing, IT &administration and many more which is makes business more connected with customers and upgraded ,lets get a glimpse of it.
So ,if you are ready lets understand salesforce :-
There are two types of objects in salesforce which are standard objects and custom objects.  
The objects which you see in image P1 are standard objects which perform standard functionality…before discussing custom objects lets create some standard object
For this go to setup:-

On the left side you can see quick find box, type objects there under create you will see objects,go on create some objects or databases table in which you can store your data in salesforce,have fun !!!!

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