Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Salesforce in Action 2

so now that you have created your custom object,it will look like this:

You might be thinking what are standard objects so let me clarify---
These are account,contact,opportunity,lead….and others ,and it`s very easy let me explain you by this:-

Salesforce standard objects represent the database tables that contain the information of your organization. Access is determined by: the objects that are defined in your organization, user permissions, your organization’s configuration, access settings, your data sharing model, and other factors that are related to the object
So now that you have understood standard object which has salesforce functionality and therefore has some limitations..
Custom objects has no such limitations  ,,you can code on it ,do anything you want, anything is possible with code.

1.    From Setup, enter Objects in the Quick Find box, then select Objects under Create.
2.    Click New Custom Object.
3.    Enter the Label, Plural Label, Object Name, and Description as shown. The object’s labels appear in the user interface, while the Object Name is used in the API.

Now you have your custom object

Now objects have fields ,so what are fields…
  1. From setup, type object  then  click on your object you will see a detail page--- scroll down you will see custom field and relationship---you will see new button ,cick on it and you can create a new field,
  2. After clicking on new button you will see data types for making fields

You can find description for every field there,,go on have some fun..


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